3 Stylish Ways To Rock Ladies' Motorcycle Fashion After The Ride

Looking good after a long day's motorcycle ride can be challenging. But with some simple tricks, you'll be able to freshen up your appearance for a social gathering without missing a beat. A big part of the fun of motorcycle touring is getting together with your fellow riders to celebrate the day's scenery and mileage. Despite the dust that may have accumulated on the road, you can still look fashionable using a few small items that are easy to stash in the bike's saddlebags.

Accessories for Helmet-Head Hair

No matter how full and bouncy your hairdo was in the morning, wearing a helmet all day can flatten curls and make straight hair go limp. You don't have to waste time washing and styling your hair – and there might not even be a place to do that before you're in the middle of friendly fun.

Instead, use hair accessories to create a fresh, trendy style.

  • Colorful Headbands – Slip on a thick, elasticized headband made of bright-colored fabric or yarn to pull your hair back away from your face. Choose a color that complements your natural skin tone and eye color to draw attention to those fine features.
  • Hair Claw and Clips – Half a dozen small hair claws will fit in the palm of your hand, and that's plenty to gather small strands from around your hairline in tiny artistic clumps. A few clips will accomplish the same thing, and you can get them embellished with leather or animal print bows.
  • Barrettes – A single big barrette is a functional, fashionable accessory to create multiple styles for long hair. Use it to create a festive ponytail at the top of your head. Fasten your hair at the nape of the neck for a more glamorous look. Or braid your hair and use the barrette for an eye-catching way to hold the strands together.

Fashionable, Functional Riding Boots

For years, motorcycle boots were clunky, chunky and downright unfashionable. A new era of fashion-forward designs have made leather riding boots that look good even when you're not on a bike. And they have all the safety features you want for a safe, healthy ride. Ladies boots have slip-resistant rubber soles paired with finely detailed black leather uppers that include an ankle shield.

Now that fashionable riding boots are available, there's no need to change shoes before the post-ride party. You will want to clean them up, though. Wipe away the dust of the road with with a damp paper towel. Then use a leather conditioner towelette to give them a little shine. Towelettes come in small packages that can be tucked away in your pocket or bag.

Add a Colorful, Stylish Scarf

If you're like many riders, you already wear a scarf around your neck while riding for comfort and protection from the wind. When you're ready to party, replace the functional piece with one that's big, bright and colorful. Lightweight knit or fabric scarves are best as they can fold down small enough to take up just a few square inches of packing space.

Wrap or tie the scarf to make an individual fashion statement. Some favorite styles include:

  • a loose bow at the neck for a sweet, innocent look,
  • wrapped twice with the ends dangling in front for a casual, sporting look,
  • tied loosely around the waist to add feminine flair to your appearance,
  • or folded in a triangle with the point draped to the side in jaunty, European style.

With these quick upgrades you'll transform from ordinary riding gear into a stylish woman who's ready to relax and enjoy a party. All that's left to do is wash away dust from your face and add a touch of lipstick for a fresh, natural appeal.

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